The Parkourpedia is an online resource for researching and learning about Parkour. It’s history, application, training methods and much more. Any feed back, comments or suggestions for addition to the Parkourpedia are welcome, please make them through the forum or by email.


This section details what Parkour is, its history, definition and other arts related to or mistaken for Parkour.


Provides advice and tutorials specific to many useful techniques that can be used in the practice of Parkour


Information regarding training principles and exercises for developing functional strength and conditioning for Parkour


The terms used to describe Parkour, its practitioners and some of the common movements used.


Articles from many different locations and sports that are relevant in some way to parkour, its practice, philosophy and principles.

Much of the information on the website is available for download. To view the downloadable media you will need a PDF reader.

A small, simple and free one can be downloaded from FOXIT.
A larger more commercial version can be found at ADOBE.