David Belle: Precise

DISCLAIMER: The is actually an advertisment, but the information is relevant. It kind of surprises you at the end 😉

Fear. Fear is always present. Nothing can train you to get rid of fear.

Parkour is a way of adapting to the environment around you. So all types of architecture. It’s working on techniques through physical training to get over obstacles.

When I get ready, I do a reece so I know exactly where all the obstacles will be, then I design a training plan based on those obstacles. So the difference between me and someone who hasn’t practiced is I’ve been repeating the same exercise for 2 months. I’ve done it 2 metres from the ground and didn’t fall, so why now would I fall at 5 metres. So it’s the repetition that brings confidence.

In order to be precise you have to be measured in Parkour especially in precision jumps it’s all down to the millimetre. It’s as though there’s something instinctive within us that allows us to gauge distance. It’s like someone who plays boules, he doesn’t measure the distance before throwing. He looks at the jack, he gauges the distance and throws accordingly.

In a real Parkour situation where you’re running away or in pursuit, it’s rare that you have to make a precise jump. But learning precision is essential to mastering your craft. It teaches us control, it teaches us to be decisive, and precision demands a lot of concentration. And when you’ve done parkour you know exactly what you’re capable of and what you’re not.