Sebastien Foucan

Sébastien Foucan was born May 24, 1974 in Paris, France. In his youth Sébastien Foucan and his friends practiced an extension of childplay in their town, they called it ‘Parkour’ with reference to ‘Parcours du combattant’ (Obstacle courses developed by French military).

He drew inspiration from the processes of Bruce Lee in his own practices. Sébastien structured his Parkour discipline by naming the different techniques and defining the fundamental elements. He felt there was another dimension to his way, a philosophy similar to Martial Arts and he began including it naturally in his work.

Sébastien discovered the discipline of “Tao du Jeet kune do” and became interested in the concepts of “Aïkido”, “Lao tseu”, “Hagakuré” and others, which he began to incorporate into his practice.

As a firefighter in Paris as part of military service, Sébastien suffered a serious injury. It was a turning point for his practice, reinforcing his determination to encourage people to take care of themselves and respect their body, mind and environment.

He was an early member and contributor to the Yamakasi group before moving on to follow his own path.

Sébastien wanted to give extra dimension to his discipline, to separate himself. Looking for a universal word he named his discipline FREERUNNING . The aim of it was to promote positive feeling, show his art, explain the philosophy and give inspiration to others.
He created his own concept and belief – ‘Follow your way’ – encouraging freedom of expression.

He took part in the documentaries, JUMP LONDON and JUMP BRITAIN which became a key reference for the discipline of Freerunning.[1]


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