Articles from many different locations and sports that are relevant in some way to parkour, its practice, philosophy and principles.

Supporting Non-competitive activity

This article discusses the benefits of non-competitive activity and some of the pitfalls of being over competitive.

Why there are no Parkour competitions

Explains why Parkour is non-competitive, and why there are no Parkour competitions.

Competitiveness and Self worth

Some times people are too hard on themselves when they feel like they are not progressing or not good enough. Take a different perspective.

The misconception of Flow

Explains why people misunderstand what flow is as it pertains to Parkour.

Whats a Jam?

Explains why ‘training’ is important and why ‘jams’ should only be one aspect of what you do when training Parkour.


Article focusing on the reasons for making sure you understand and practice parkour correctly and not just trying to make it ‘anything you want it to be’.


Explains the concept of virtuosity. Something EXTREMELY relevent to training for and practicing Parkour

Shoes for Parkour

Some information to assist you in choosing footwear for training Parkour

No Favourites

A reminder that we should train both sides of the body and not be restricted to only being able to do certain movements on a ‘favourite’ side.

The Moves of Parkour

Article explaining the movement of Parkour.

What is my Motivation

Why do you train Parkour? How does this effect your training? Do your reasons change over time?