The Moves of Parkour

People often refer to the ‘moves of Parkour’. Commenting on how they have the ‘kong (saut de chat)’ or ’monkey’ etc and that they need to learn more ‘moves’. It is one of the misconceptions that novices to the art commonly start off with. The truth is that there are no such things as ‘Parkour moves’. There are movements that are used time and again and are commonly associated with Parkour, but these movements alone do not constitute Parkour, to do these movements does not mean you are doing Parkour at all.

What makes Parkour different, what sets it apart from what we did as kids and what others have ‘done all their lives’ is the purpose behind it, the combination of a philosophy /principles with a CONCEPT for movement, that concept being to move as if to escape or reach.

This concept allows for a great amount of creativity and freedom within what we do, it also call for us to think for ourselves and make our own path our own way. To consider Parkour a set of moves and restrict ourselves to them generally closes our minds to the many opportunities there are to move in new and interesting ways, to solve the problems that some obstacles pose with movement that is often unconventional.

There is no denying that there are certain movements that are used constantly when training for and practicing Parkour, remember though that they do not constitute Parkour itself, simple a base of movement to build upon and work with to expand our ability to move more freely through our environment.