A vital aspect of becoming good at, and training safely for Parkour is Strength and Conditioning (S&C). Through this practice we prepare the body for what we will submit it to through our practice of Parkour. Good S&C allows us to train longer, more effectively and safely push our limits further. Much of the information contained here is enough to get people started on understanding many aspects relating to S&C, but it does not cover everything. So many of the subjects have huge amounts of information relating to them. Take the information from here and use it to lead you in your own reserach if you wish to understand it further.

Strength and Conditioning Principles

Deals with the concepts behind training, plus other interesting articles relating to training for Strength and Conditioning.

Strength and Conditioning Exercises

Different exercises you can employ for training.

Strength and Conditioning Links and Resources

  1. – free resource for the exercise professional, coach, or fitness enthusiast.
  2. Sports Coach – provides information on the many topics related to developing athletic ability and coaching expertise to help fitness enthusiasts, athletes and coaches achieve their athletic goals