Parkour is not a set of moves or tricks, there are base techniques that are used regularly but they are not the “moves of Parkour”. They can be varied and changed to suit a particular situation or environment. These tutorials are designed to give you the building blocks to go out and innovate and find your own way of doing things.

As long as the application of speed and the correct intent are observed, you are applying the principles of Parkour. Remember, Parkour is more than just the movement, it’s the philosophy that makes it unique.

Download all the technique tutorials in a single PDF file

Basic Balance

Quadrupedal movement


General Landing Technique



Climb up (Basic)

Climb up (Advanced)

Passement (Speed Vault)

Passement (Dash Vault)

Passement(Lazy Vault)


Saut de bras (Arm Jump)

Passe Muraille (Wall Run/Pop vault)

Saut de Chat (Cat Pass/Kong/Monkey/Panther/Gorilla)

Demi tour (Turn Vault)

Franchissement (Underbar)

Tic Tac