Climbup: Progression 1


Used to get up over a wall either with a run up, a dead hang or from a Saut de Bras. Correct climb up technique will allow you to get up and over a wall quickly when applied correctly.


Initially, most people will need to find a wall that provides an over grip (first image) to begin learning this technique. This allows you to concentrate on how to use the feet correctly.

> Whilst hanging by the hands place the feet on the wall in a split foot position, one foot slightly above the other.

> From here you need to use the legs to start the movement. It is common misconception that a climb up is all in the arms. That is wrong! The majority of your power comes from the legs. (You can do climb ups using just the arms, but that is an advanced technique.)

> Hold tightly to the wall and push hard with the feet, actually pushing into the wall. A common mistake many people make is to push down the wall, this results in the feet slipping down the wall and the individual failing to climb up.

> Because your arms anchor the body, you will pendulum out and up, this technique allows you to use the most powerful muscles in your body (your legs) to get you most of the way up the wall before you need to engage the use your arms.

> Once the legs have straightened you need to pull yourself up over the wall with your shoulders and arms. Depending on strength and technical ability the need to actually bend the arms to pull yourself
up varies.

> Make sure to get your head and chest over the wall, do not try and keep them away from the wall.

> Do this explosively, do not try and pull yourself up slowly. If you lack strength and control you will slip down the wall.

> This can be the most difficult part for most people, the transition between using the legs to start and the arms to finish off the movement.

If you do not have the coordination or strength to complete the move then practice it in reverse. Doing this consistently WILL get you strong enough to eventually do a proper climbup.

Start from the upright position and lower into the arm jump position. Make sure that when you lower yourself that your feet do not slip more than a couple of inches down the wall. If your feet are sliding down the wall too far you will find it difficult to master the climb up. By doing this you build strength and coordination. It assists the body in understanding the movement needed to get back up the wall.

While this movement requires a degree of strength to complete you do not need to be a muscle man/woman to be capable of performing it.


Move onto walls that have no over grip. Try walls with different surfaces: grippy, slippery etc. Use the legs less and less, until you can limb up using just your arms.


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