Demi Tour – Turn vault


A turn vault is used to place yourself on the opposite side of a wall, rail or barrier, allowing you to stop on that side if necessary. This allows you to check the other side if you’re not sure what’s there rather than blindly vaulting. It also allows you to put yourself in a better position if necessary or simply climb down


To begin with it is usually preferable to learn the technique from a standing start and on a rail. Find a rail at the right height for you and at a comfortable drop on the other side (no drop is fine).
For the purposed of this explanation the vault will be over the right side, reverse the information if vaulting over the left.

> With your left hand, grasp the rail with palm facing upwards and your right hand with palm facing down.

> Step over the rail with your right leg. Depending on the height of the rails it may be easy to step over it. If the rail is high, you will need to initially hook the leg over it

> Move the hips to the opposite side of the rail. As you do this you will straddle the rail, try and keep the backside off the rail and support yourself with your hands.

> Place the right foot on the other side of the rail, once you have done this take the right hand and switch it to the other side of the left hand. The left hand should have never moved during the technique. When you start to add speed to this technique make sure to switch the hands quickly to maintain control of the movement.

> Once you have gained confidence with this version of the technique begin to speed it up.

> Take notice of the end position in the first photo here. This is the position you want to land in. Many people have a habit of hanging off the rail in the arm jump position. As in the second photo. This can be dangerous. If you vault the rail with too much momentum you run the risk of falling off. When landing in the first position if there are any slips then your centre of balance is over the rail, meaning that if you slip you can fold over the rail.

> You can now do any number of different things from the turn vault position, climb down, drop down, go back over etc.


Start on a rail on flat ground trying to learn the technique and body mechanics. When comfortable find a rail with a drop and start by performing the turn vault from the drop side to the flat side, then the other way around when confident. Practice both sides so of the body so as there’s no preferred way. Eventually practice entering at a run and then from all different angles. Practice on all surfaces, round and square rails, thin and thick walls, etc.


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