Passement – Dash Vault


The Dash Vault is used to quickly pass over medium sized obstacles. It is usually applied to obstacles when approaching them front on.


The vault commonly referred to as the Dash is another vault that uses the direct passement technique with minor variation.

The difference is in how you exit the vault, starting it off as a normal passement then bringing the second hand down to land on the obstacle to assist with balance and finally bringing the feet around to land facing in the direction of travel. There is a distinct advantage of approaching the dash in this manner in the alternated placement of the hands ie. one hand placed on the obstacle before the other, as opposed to both at the same time. The advantage being that you have a split second to test the surface before committing full body weight to it. This is especially important when there is any possibility of the surface moving because it provides time for the body to react to unforeseen movement in the obstacle surface or slipping of the hand.

The other method of leaping over the wall and committing the whole body weight to both hands at the same time can be attempted if you wish, but be aware that the odds of saving yourself if something goes wrong are reduced. Secondly when many people attempt the two hands at the same technique they have a tendency to land on the hands heavily, which is not good for the wrists. The choice is yours as to what technique you go with. If nothing else, this technique is a good way to build up to doing the two handed variation.

> The approach to this vault is the same as the direct passement. All the same things should be kept in mind, do not ride the obstacle at take off! That comes a little later.

> The difference between the direct passement and the dash being that as you start to pass over the obstacle you need to bring your backside parallel to the ground, this will allow you to reach down and place the trailing hand on the obstacle.

> You can push off with your hands if you wish, or just ride the obstacle.

> Land and continue running.

Initially you may feel the need to do a foot tap for stability, much like the Direct passement. But as you gain confidence you should be able to remove this from the technique.


Height, speed and different surfaces can be attempted.


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