Passement – Lazy vault – Theif vault


To overcome obstacles that you approach at an angle.


The base technique is the same as a direct or straight passement. Vault by kicking up the outside leg and tucking the inside leg. The difference when progressing to this vault is that you swap your hands as you pass over the obstacle. If vaulting from the right side of the body, your right hand initially makes contact with the obstacle and changes to your left as you pass over it.

The advantage of kicking up the outside leg as opposed to the inside leg for this vault
is greater control. The hips end up pointing in the direction you wish to go, rather than the opposite direction of your trajectory. You can guide your body’s direction with your hips, so having them pointing in your direction of travel is beneficial.

In this example we are vaulting to the right. Change instructions to suit if coming from
the left.

> As you approach the obstacle jump from the right foot, kick the left foot up and across the obstacle, reach for the top of the obstacle with the right hand.

> As you start to get up and over the obstacle tuck the right leg under the body to avoid it clipping the obstacle.

> As you pass over the obstacle you need to level the hips out. Bring the backside parallel to the ground, as you do this the left hand will naturally drop down on to the obstacle, allowing you to control your exit on the other side.

> If you are not feeling confident with the handchange, place the outside leg on the obstacle to support yourself. As you gain confidence avoid using the foot for balance.

> As you exit the obstacle land on one leg and run out of the vault.

Many people have a natural tendency to kick up the inside leg rather than the outside
leg when attempting this vault. This is not ‘incorrect’, but through experimentation we have found the outside leg technique to allow more control and height to be gained from the vault in the long term. Try and learn both as they can both be applied in different situations.


Adding height and speed to the vault. Trying the vault on different surfaces; slippery and rough. Vault rails.


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