Quadrupedal movement


As well as being excellent for building strength, endurance and coordination, the ability to move around effectively on all four limbs can be quite useful.


> The base technique to quadrupedal movement should have you assuming a position where:

> Your hands are placed shoulder width apart directly underneath your shoulders.

> Your back should be parallel to the ground

> Your shins parallel to the ground.

> Knee’s off the ground, toes in contact with the ground.

> Next you should start to move forward!

> When moving you should move alternate arms and legs.

> When the right hand goes forward the left leg should move forward at the same time.

> When the left hand moves forward the right leg should move as well.

> Keep the knees at approximately the same distance from the ground at all times, keep the back parallel with the ground.

Try not to stretch your self out too far, crowd yourself by bringing the knees in too close to the body or stick your backside into the air. Avoid resting the knees on the ground, if you wish to rest then assume a crouched position or stick your backside in the air.
The reason for this particular movement pattern is that it forces the mind to coordinate the body in such a way that it increases your overall body control and awareness; it is also more balanced in a physiological sense.


Once you have a firm grounding in the base technique of quadrupedal start to experiment with making it more difficult. Varying the shape and alignment of the body when doing it. Move up and down stairs, on rails, sideways, backwards, get down really low to the ground, do it on your elbows and knees like soldiers under barbed wire, use your imagination. There are many different ways to move on all fours. This is an opportunity to do some of the things that initially should be avoided; sticking the backside in the air, stretching yourself out or crowding yourself. But you only want to do this once you have mastered the base technique.


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