Movement Terminology


‘ou’ as in foot
‘a’ as in far
‘au’ as in sore
‘e’ as in get
‘ond’ as in long
‘mu’ as in moon
‘i’ as in sick
‘an’ as in want
‘ar’ as in lard
‘eu’as in sir
Example: Parkour, pronounced ‘Par – kour’

Saut de Bras ‘Sau – d – bra Arm jump Jump of arm
Saut de Chat ‘Sau – d – sha Cat’s jump Jump of cat
Saut de Fond ‘Sau – d – fon’ Drop Deep jump or jump to the bottom
Saut de Précision ‘Sau – d – pre – si – zeeon’ Precision Precision jump
Saut de Détente ‘Sau – d – de – tant’ Running jump Streching jump
Roulade ‘Rou – lard’ Roll A French pastry, meaning to roll up
Laché ‘La – she release Loose or slack meaning to release. Also meaning cowardly
Tic-Tac Tic – Tac
Passe Muraille ‘Pas – mur – i’ Wall run Pass a wall
Planche ‘Plansh’ Muscle up Plank
Franchissement ‘Fran – shiss – man Under bar Slang derived from franchise, meaning frankness, exemption or excess, making it an adverb.
Passement ‘Pas – man Vault Slang derived from passe, meaning pass, making it an adverb.
Reverse Reverse
Demi-Tour ‘D – mi – tour Turn Vault About-turn, to do a U-turn.

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